Elena Kaledina was born and brought up in Minsk, Belarus. She has played the piano from the age of 7 with her teacher Alla Reshetian. In 1998 she got her diploma with the highest marks as a soloist, a chamber musician, an accompanist and a piano educationalist from The National Academy of Music studying under Prof. Kacharskaya and Prof. Sofia Okolova. The same year Elena settled in Sweden, and in 1999 she was admitted to the post graduate diploma course at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, studying under the guidance of Professor Staffan Scheja.

During her study period, she was awarded three scholarships from the Royal Academy of Music, played in master classes for e. g. Hans Leygraf and Michel Beroff. She concluded her soloist education in 2002 with concerts at the Stockholm Concert Hall and the Academy of Music, playing Mussorgsky’s “Paintings at an exhibition”. Elena has played at chamber music festivals in Sweden and has given concerts in Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. She has recorded two solo CD:s. In 2010 she was awarded a culture award in her home town and in 2013 a culture award from Lion’s Club.

Together with her children Daniel and Evelina she fills her home with lovely tunes from the piano clarinet and flute.

Elena greets each new morning with ancient Tibetan yoga exercises and a cup of coffee.


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